Care2 Blog Non-Weekly Roundup (10/08/2017)

I don’t know when exactly I realized I was on hiatus from my Care2 Blogging. As the only on-staff freelancer (that is, without a set number of expected weekly posts), I didn’t technically need to ask for leave if I was uninspired or unavailable to pitch and write any stories in a given week. But I certainly didn’t plan to take a three-year break.

This summer I got back to it, with a couple posts a week. Right now that still seems just about right, though I’ve done the odd threefer. Here is a curated selection of some of my favourite recent pieces:

Wildlife Thrives in Korea’s Demilitarized Zone

Equifax’s Data Breach Is a Nightmare. Their Handling of It Is Worse.

The 5 Weirdest Banned Books

Tuesday Links (05/28/13)

Dinosaur Comics: “We enter a world where the Internet never got invented. Broadcast media, like fries, rules supreme.” Fast food references and alternate history go together like two beef patties and special sauce.

Space is the New Canada:“In Canada, the wild is slow, certain death. Nature is an unstoppable destructive force and there is no overcoming it. Canada has not been conquered by man, we have simply built fragile fortresses in which we huddle, praying against the day the dark and the cold erode them and take us.”

Canada’s Boreal Forest is the Amazon of the North: And I daresay it’s as much in danger.

A post-console world: “Has the concept of a dedicated gaming machine become outdated?”

Book Review: Blood & Water

It’s not that dystopias are anything new, or even stories of environmental collapse. But the SF stories and novels of the last several years have to be placed differently than the catastrophes imagined in the 40s, or even the 70s and 80s.

We’re living in a heavily depressed economy. Our countries are waging resource wars. We’re seeing the effects of a changed climate. The stories written today . . . exist in a different real-world context, and therefore might be part of a new speculative genre that couldn’t have existed until recently.

Read my full review of this excellent Canadian anthology at AESciFi.

Tuesday Links (09/04/12)

Benedict Cumberbatch in a spot of bother over CBS’ Elementary: “Despite the fact that the upcoming CBS show Elementary went to the trouble of making Watson an Asian-American woman and therefore is totally different, the cast and crew of the BBC’s Sherlock continue to express their suspicion that the network is attempting to copy their own modern Sherlock Holmes show, simply because CBS tried to copy their own modern Sherlock Holmes show.

Farmers are dealing with corn shortages by feeding their cows candy instead: Yep.

What If Films Had Kept Their Working Titles?: Movie posters altered appropriately.

Care2 Blog Weekly Roundup (09/01/12)

The site is undergoing some changes, which will also affect the type and frequency of writing I’ll be able to do there. Of course, it’s been months since I’ve done much writing of all other than a minimal amount of assigned work. I’ve been passive rather than proactive, in other words.

However, I had a single, unexpected day off from work, and was able to get a few articles in under the wire, before the implementation of the new schedule, and here they are.

Sea Lions or Salmon: Which Protectee to Protect?

Wild Gene Boosts Rice Yield, Feeds World?

We’ve Already Used Up Earth’s Resources for 2012

Russians Rushing to Arctic Drill Sites