Tuesday Links (12/04/12)

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell to be BBC Miniseries: At nearly 1000 pages, Susanna Clarke’s faux-Victorian alternate-history fantasy novel required a certain degree of stamina. Not everyone is willing to read the equivalent of a full-length novel while waiting for the story to get properly started, so a series might be quite nice for those who gave up before page 250.

Top five regrets of the dying:A palliative nurse has recorded the most common regrets of the dying. What would your biggest regret be if this was your last day of life?

Care2 Blog Weekly Roundup (02/18/12)

Environment/Human Rights:

Bittersweet: The High Cost of Cheap Chocolate

Green Construction is Here to Stay

The Planet Hasn’t Noticed Your Green Lifestyle

The Future of Eating

Why Monsanto Fails at Sustainability


“There’s No Market for LGBT Fiction”: Are You Sure?

2013 NASA Budget Gutted

Leaked Documents From Climate Denialism Lobbyists Revealed

Care2 Blog Weekly Roundup (02/11/12)

Class Politics:

Local Politician Spends Month on Welfare

What Do Job Projections Mean When There Aren’t Enough Jobs?

Animal Welfare:

Canine Ear Cropping Banned in Manitoba

79 Dogs Seized from Illegal Manitoba Breeding Operation

Think Global, Work Local: Pet Ownership as Social Justice

Civil Rights:

Teachers Forced to Remove LGBT “Ally” Cards

Environment and Health:

Canada Health: BPA’s a Toxin But It’s Okay to Have It In Our Food