For a more complete (though not exhaustive) list of my education and work experience, including my main publication outlets, see my LinkedIn profile.

You’ll find below a small sample of my published work, intended to showcase my style and topics of interest.

Feature Articles

I like the flexibility of style and content in feature writing, and have been writing articles in that vein since my student newspaper days as an undergrad.

“The Art of Science — The Science of Art?”, published at Terry. About Salvador Dali, C.P. Snow’s “Two Cultures”, and love of learning.

“Arguing with Heinlein”, published at AE: The Canadian Science Fiction Review.

“Gaming’s Greatest Forgotten Technical Innovation”, published at Unwinnable.

“The Ethics of Artistic Consumption: Seinfeld and Orson Scott Card”, published at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. About separating the art from the artist, and responsible consumerism.

“Digital Assessment for Digital Learning”, published by Canadian Teacher Magazine, both in print and online.

“The Future of Eating”, published at Care2.


I’m actually into the triple-digits on my reviews by now, and have covered everything from literature to live shows to chocolate, so it’s hard for any sample to be truly representative. So here’s an unrepresentative sample.

“A Tale for the Time Being”, published at the Winnipeg Free Press. A meditation on loss and hope.

“The Once and Future King”, published at Green Man Review. One of the finest works of modern fantasy.

“The Pizza Oven”, published at the Spectator Tribune. It’s kind of like ecology . . .

“Parasite Eve” and “The 3rd Birthday”, published at Blogcritics. Twin gaming reviews covering the past and future of Square’s cult classic series.


Though I can’t link to it here on the site, I have quite a bit of experience in educational content and curricular development. I’m also comfortable with everything from ad copy to technical writing.

I’m a fast learner and very versatile. If you want to commission or query me on paid work, drop me a line. Check the About page for my contact information.

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