Care2 Blog Weekly Roundup (02/16/13)

A number of posts so far this month, with perhaps a handful more upcoming.

It’s Darwin Day: Discover a New (to You) Species

Too Hard to Regulate Dog Breeders? Just Forget It, Then!

The Westminster Dog Show is Hurting Dogs

Care2 Blog Weekly Roundup (12/15/12)

Yes, I’ve been doing some (mostly) holiday-related writing, lately, as my day job has slowed down just a little bit this month. I hope to do a few more posts at Care2 before New Year’s, should the opportunity present itself.

Can Lazy People Make the World a Better Place?

Why Are There So Few Female Game Creators? The Internet Responds

5 Wars More Important Than The War on Christmas

Five Reasons Not to Buy a Puppy for Christmas

The Family Dog Was a Wild Wolf All Along; What of It?

Care2 Blog Weekly Roundup (03/10/12)

Settling back in to a day job (more than one, in fact) has been going swimmingly, but I need to wedge my writing in there somehow. I went about two weeks without getting any blogging done, but I’m back in the saddle now.


Climate Denier Teaches University “Climate Science” Course

Nude Calendar Protests Muslim Oppression of Women

“No Politics In Science Class In Louisiana,” 75 Nobelists Plead


The Future of Water

A Partnership to Rescue Our Oceans

Coal Not the Only “Climate Bad Guy”

Animal Welfare:

The Call of the Wild

Care2 Blog Weekly Roundup (02/11/12)

Class Politics:

Local Politician Spends Month on Welfare

What Do Job Projections Mean When There Aren’t Enough Jobs?

Animal Welfare:

Canine Ear Cropping Banned in Manitoba

79 Dogs Seized from Illegal Manitoba Breeding Operation

Think Global, Work Local: Pet Ownership as Social Justice

Civil Rights:

Teachers Forced to Remove LGBT “Ally” Cards

Environment and Health:

Canada Health: BPA’s a Toxin But It’s Okay to Have It In Our Food

Care2 Blog Weekly Roundup (02/03/12)


Time to Stop Canada’s Polar Bear Hunt

Increase Arctic Shrubbery May Destroy Permafrost

NYC Cancels Winter Jam, Citing Lack of Winter

Hanford Site: Radiation Levels High, Progress Slow

Top Industry Experts: Green Energy is a Smart Investment

Animal Welfare:

Cat Undergoes Revolutionary New Full Knee Replacement

Civil Rights:

Are We Living in a Caste Society?

African Americans for Humanism Launch Awareness Campaign

Pseudoscience, Women’s Rights, and Skepchicks


Is Anyone Out There? Do We Care?

Who Are the Real Advocates For Oil?

New Study Links Racism and Conservative Beliefs with Low IQ

The Convenience Button and the Ethics of Climate Change

Rogers Challenges Truth in Advertising, Citing Civil Rights

Care2 Blog Weekly Roundup (01/27/12)


Climate Change Deniers Set School Policy, Forecast Weather

Post-Fukushima, Nuclear Policies in Flux Around the World

“Climate Skeptic” Thinktank Asked to Reveal Secret Funders

Act on ACTA: The Internet War is Not Over

Canadians Want Legislation to Regulate Sex-Specific Abortion

Animal Welfare:

Texas Pastor Kills Neighbours’ Cat

Why We Will Boycott “The Grey”


Tipping Point: Amazon Basin Becoming a New Carbon Source?

Migratory Birds Struggle to Adapt to New Climate

First Look Inside Fukushima Reactor