The Burzynski Clinic

If you haven’t heard of it recently, this is a medical scam where the proprietors claim to have effective cancer treatments, for which claims, nevertheless, they are unable to marshal any real evidence. Desperate sick people and their loved ones shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars for this bogus treatment.

Recently they’ve engaged a lawyer for the purposes of threatening everybody who’s ever said anything bad about the clinic, hoping to scare them into taking down articles, blog posts, and the like which expose their dishonesty.

After all, what is a lawyer for if not to bully the little guy on behalf of those with deep pockets? The Western legal system is essentially ritualized rhetorical combat, the goal being triumph and plunder; not justice, truth, or reconciliation.

Some more details, from the perspective of one of their (17-year-old) victims, is collected on his blog. Read the full story on the fraudulent Burzynski Clinic.

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