Some Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

While I was trying to track down a project from a former teacher (and colleague) of mine, I came across this interview I did a couple years ago. Or rather, a reprint of said interview.

1) What is your non-academic drudgery?
I’m a expensive inculcate information and math docent.
2) What is your information CV?
I monkeyshines a chaff on a B.Sc, majoring in physics, with a babies fellow in mathematics, followed away a B.Ed location, chief years advance (i.e., expensive school). Both of these degrees are from the University of Winnipeg, in Canada. The babies fellow is eminent, since being a expensive inculcate docent in my bailiwick requires a university CV in two teachable subjects.

And so forth.

Since it’s posted at, I think some weird Google translating has gone on. Translated first into French and then back into English by a program, presumably. Some words of wisdom from your humble author to end on:

I‘m careful there crossing a specialization and getting too factious, but I cogitate on some things in our companionship monkeyshines a chaff on pull undecided when they shouldn’t be.

Think about that.

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