Busy, Busy, Busy

I knocked off an article this weekend, though I’m not sure where I’m going to publish/pitch it yet. But I need to start knocking off some reviews this week, as I’ve received rather a lot of material recently. At the moment I have half a dozen books in hand, plus one game and a DVD set. I hope to get half of these done by month’s end.

I also have a few items in transit that may arrive any time. These actually include several fantasy books, although this is a genre I’ve read little of the last few years. Lev Grossman’s surprise hit, The Magicians, along with his just-released sequel, The Magician King, are both on their way. It’s supposed to be a sort of school of magic premise, but rather than being geared towards younger readers as the early Harry Potter books were, it’s a bit more adult, being an American college of magic, with older, rougher around the edges protagonists. I’ve heard enough good things about the books to be intrigued. (Edit: The 2011 Hugo Award winners have been announced, and Lev Grossman has been recognized as best new SF writer.)

Also on the way is a book I requested, Jo Walton’s Among Others. She’s also an author I’ve been hearing about a lot lately, and this particular novel, which sounds like it’s as much about the life of a speculative fiction fan as being a work of speculative fiction itself, sounds interestingly meta-fictional. Each of these may possibly fall into the young adult category, I’m not actually sure. If so, I wouldn’t consider that a strike against them in the slightest.

Anyway, I’ll post here as I get new reviews up, along with any other articles that may be of interest.

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